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SIGCSE TS Online ExperienceFri 5 Jan 2024

TLDR; SIGCSE TS 2024 will continue to be a hybrid event. Some aspects of the conference will be only available to in-person attendees. However, online participants will be able to participate in:

  • Keynotes
  • A selection of panels and special sessions
  • A selection of online paper presentations
  • A selection of online workshops
  • Nifty Assignments
  • The Community Circle
  • The legendary SIGCSE TS Coffee Break Show
  • The online conference communication platform (Whova)

We’re thrilled to welcome you to the upcoming SIGCSE Technical Symposium 2024, which is set to be a blend of in-person, hybrid, and online experiences. The online portion of the symposium will synchronously run alongside the in-person event from March 20 to 23, 2024. We’re excited to offer an array of engaging panel sessions, workshops, and presentations to cater to both online and in-person attendees. For our online attendees, the technical symposium will take place on Zoom. As mentioned on the website, online attendees’ registration costs are significantly cheaper than in-person registration in most cases. This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and resources available to you as an online participant.

Symposium Format and Interaction

Some sessions, including keynotes, nifty assignments, and panel sessions, will be streamed live during the symposium, with live chat available for asking questions during the presentations. While the keynote session may be recorded, other hybrid and online sessions will not be recorded. This decision was made to promote interaction and engagement during the symposium. While the cost to attend online is significantly less, the duration of the conference is not. During every time slot between 8:30 am and 5 pm (PST), there are several online or hybrid sessions. The only difference is that while the in-person experience has approximately 10 parallel sessions for each time slot, the online experience has 2 or 3 parallel sessions. That being said, the quality of the programming is the same.

Online Paper Presentations

Throughout the symposium, all online papers will be presented via Zoom during the paper session slots. Additionally, in-person attendees can participate in online paper sessions as the Zoom room will be projected in a dedicated room at the Convention Center. This arrangement enables in-person attendees to join and engage with the online paper presentations, fostering an inclusive environment for all. Questions can be asked through Zoom chat, ensuring interactive participation from both online and in-person attendees.

Introducing the Community Circle

A unique interactive session tailored solely for our online attendees during the scheduled morning breaks at the symposium. Led by the Symposium Hybrid Co-Chairs, these engaging sessions offer diverse activities curated to foster connections and lively interactions among online participants. Stay tuned for more details closer to the symposium dates.

Online Workshops

Some workshops will be offered only online through Zoom, accessible to both in-person and online attendees. These workshops aim for inclusivity, encouraging in-person participants to join online for a streamlined experience, avoiding the complexities of hybrid workshops. Details regarding the Zoom sessions for online workshops will be disseminated to registered attendees by the workshop organizers.

The Coffee Break Show

Online attendees may join the symposium breaks for the SIGCSE TS Coffee Break Show. Hosted by Mark Sherriff, accompanied by rotating co-hosts and special guests, this show will cover the day’s agenda and highlight exciting events at the 2024 SIGCSE Technical Symposium. Stay tuned during the five breaks to catch up on the Technical Symposium updates, engaging discussions, and interviews—an opportunity to stay informed and connected with the symposium’s pulse.

Session Categories and Program Navigation

The program’s labels and badges on the website serve as a tool to tailor your symposium experience. We’ve categorized sessions into three distinct badges: ‘Hybrid,’ ‘Online,’ and ‘Online Only.’

  • The ‘Hybrid’ sessions offer an online viewing of the live in-person sessions held in a physical room at the convention center. Online attendees will have the ability to participate via the Zoom chat.
  • For ‘Online’ sessions, the presentation occurs online; however, it is projected in a dedicated room at the convention center so that in-person attendees can watch. All interaction will happen primarily through the Zoom platform.
  • Meanwhile, ‘Online Only’ sessions occur exclusively through Zoom. There is no in-person option or dedicated physical space.
  • The labels on our website allow you to filter the program, clarifying which sessions suit your preferred mode of participation.

We’re committed to providing an inclusive experience for all attendees. While the online and hybrid format presents new challenges, it also opens new opportunities for collaboration, learning, and networking.

We look forward to welcoming you to an engaging Technical Symposium experience.

Delaram Yazdansepas
Oluwakemi Ola
SIGCSE TS 2024 Hybrid Co-Chairs