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Thu 21 Mar 2024 10:00 - 10:45 at Exhibit Hall E - Demos - Demos

Computer Science educators have made recent efforts to incorporate ethics into their introductory programming classes, as well as offer new programming classes that intersect with other fields (CS+X or X+CS) to attract new and diverse groups of students. We contribute to these efforts with a free interactive online textbook which teaches intro programming in an interdisciplinary way: Social Media, Ethics, and Automation ( The interdisciplinary content of our textbook is primarily organized around social media topics, with interactive programming learning and activities (e.g., modifying bots) used to explore those social media topics. This follows an X+CS integration since CS is used to support the other topic (social media), rather than vice-versa (traditional CS+X). Ethics are incorporated throughout, starting with a diverse set of ethical frameworks, and including ethical reflections with each activity. In this demo, we will explain our pedagogical goals and strategies and then show the features and interactivity of this online textbook.

Thu 21 Mar

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